Ellen Remmer: How Women can Become Highly Effective Donors

Ellen Remmer, Vice President of The Philanthropic Initiative, Boston. Nationally known consultant and author on the topics of strategic giving and women as donors. Ms. Remmer discussed how women can become highly effective donors.

Annual Grant Award Luncheon - Featuring Keynote Speaker, Dr. Luanne Freer

The Women's Initiative was the 2010 recipient of a $40,000 Women United human services community grant...our largest grant ever! The grant was accepted by Kerry Day, Executive Director and Bebe Heiner, LPC, President and Founder. The luncheon was highlighted by keynote speaker, Dr. Luanne Freer, Founder of the first and only Mt. Everest ER Base Clinic.

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Luanne Freer Suzanne Brooks Suzanne Hamlin

Panel Discussion: Smart Beginnings for Success

The Smart Beginnings program was the 2008 recipient of a $36,000 WUP grant. Kathy Glazer, Miriam Rushfinn, and Jon Nafziger, discussed the importance of early childhood education, accessible and affordable quality childcare, and kindergarten readiness.

Peter L. Sheras, Ph.D: Bullying: As Bullies Grow, so do the Problems

Peter L. Sheras, Professor of Clinical and School Psychology at the UVa Curry School of Education discussed issues related to bullying, a learned behavior, that has been increasing in recent years.

Panel Discussion: Teens at Risk in Our Community

Dyan Aretakis, Director, Teen Health Center, UVa; Carol Hernandez, Court Services Unit; Sibley Johns, Executive Director, Music Resource Center led a discussion on how teens are at risk in our community and what we can do to help.

Suzanne Morse: Making Charlottesville the Smartest City: Keeping our Kids in School

Suzanne Morse, President of the Pew Partnership for Civic Change address Women United members on the topic of keeping children in school in the Charlottesville area.

Panel Discussion: Ready for School & Ready for Life

Jon Nafziger, Eric Johnson, Suzanne Morse, and Robert Pianta led a discussion on how we can better prepare our children before they start kindergarten.

Susan Donovan: International Rescue Committee, 2007 Women United Grant Recipient

Susan Donovan, Director, International Rescue Committee. Recipient of our 2007 human Services Grant, discussed how they were putting their grant money to use to benefit refugee high school students in the area.

Andrea Pactor: Connectivity, Community and Continuity

Andrea Pactor, Program Manager, Center on Philanthropy Indiana University presented: Connectivity, Community and Continuity. Ms. Pactor gave an inspiring talk on women's philanthropy and the nature of giving circles.

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