Kathy Ralston & Cathy Train: A Window into Poverty

Cathy Train, President, United Way-Thomas Jefferson Area and Kathy Ralston, Director, Albemarle County DSS presented: A Window Into Poverty: Understanding the Needs of Local Families. Ms. Train and Ms. Ralston gave an eye-opening talk illustrating the challenges faced by local families living in poverty.

Judy Smith: Jefferson Area CHIP, 2006 Women United Grant Recipient

A representative for 2006 Women United grant recipient, Jefferson Area CHIP, spoke on the impact of Women United's support and the current challenges for low income children in the Charlottesville/Albemarle area.

Sylvia Matthews: Discussion of the Importance of Women's Involvement in Philanthropy

A Reception with Sylvia Matthews, President, Global Development Program Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Ms. Matthews was the featured speaker at the Miller Center Forum. In addition to her Miller Center presentation, she graciously participated in the post-presentation reception in her honor. At the reception, offered only to the membership of WUP, Ms. Matthews informally addressed the importance of women's involvement in philanthropy. Later that evening, Donor Members also enjoyed dinner and conversation with Ms. Matthews at the Boar's Head Inn.

Olivia Mellan: Women and the Psychology of Money

Since 1982, Olivia Mellan has been a best selling author, journalist, psychotherapist and speaker in the arenas of money psychology, business consulting, and money conflict resolution. She has provided in-depth exploration of the hidden meanings of money and individual types of money management.

Steven L. Nock, Ph.D.: United Way's Community Profile

Professor of Sociology at the University of Virginia, College of Arts and Science. Professor Nock presented a sampling of the United Way-Thomas Jefferson Area Community Profile, a look at trends influencing the well-being of our community.

Laura Nash, Ph.D.: Finding Balance in Our Lives

Senior Lecturer on the faculty of Harvard Business School and co-author of Just Enough: Tools for Creating Success in Your Work and Life. Ms. Nash shared her research about striving for balance in all areas of our lives, including happiness, achievement, significance and legacy.

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